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Gettin Lucky

by EyeQ

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I said I was gonna drop a some new song to help the comic shop raise funds for the Break in. I'm happy to say they made their gofundme goals an are still doin well. But I did promise new music. Soooooooo..... I'm still releasing a new song!!

Single from the upcoming project: Saturday Morning Krunktoons


Gettin lucky


Honey your a sweet thing
And you look so fine
All I ever wanted
Is to make you mine
So give me, a clue
Tell me what I need to do
To get Lucky with you

Verse 1

Yo, She said she wants me to ask
I get the question wrong

My character wants to move
configurations off

I try to dance with her grove
she says its not that song

I’m like a link to the past
Triforce of wisdoms gone

I asked her what does want
she says that I should know

I make my way to the door
she tells me not to go

I said lets sit down an talk
communications key

I wanna call you mufasa
You make me feel like a king

I wanna take you there
I want to meet who you are

Not from a second perspective
Or who we choose as projections

But for your hopes an your dreams
I wanna grow from respect

Understand how you feel
Tell me whatever you think

Because I wanna know
An more than just your name

I wanna show you my world
Understand how you think

Want you to know me to
Can you be my best friend

Support the things that I love
An baby I’ll do the same


Getting lucky
Getting lucky
Is really what its all about
Getting lucky
Getting lucky
Is something I can’t do with out

Verse 2

Girl I been waiting for ya
I even daydream of ya

Star wars in the dark
I wanna share it with ya

Lets go to universal
jump on that harry potter

take a troop in the storm
come be my rouge squadron

See I like getting lucky
I mean like really lucky

MAGfest and Comic Con
Lets go attend em lucky

Lets go an check some music
Lets put our chips into it

Anime marathons
Lupin the Third into it

See I love being nerdy
To me thats getting lucky

Mario Sunshine
You know I wanna party

Baby this Geek is Easy
Lets go A Comic Shoppin

Take ya back to the crib
Daredevil we be watchin

I love that Rick an Morty
Lets go an watch Toonami

The way I Netflix an Chill
I’m really movie watchin

Come share your fandoms with me
Pokèmon equals winning

yea i’m like Marc with a C
I like those nerdy women


Give me, A clue
Wont ya tell me what I need to do
To get lucky with you
Give me, A clue
Wont ya tell me what I need to do
To get lucky with you


released May 13, 2017
Produced by: Robo Rob an Mag.lo




EyeQ Orlando, Florida

EyeQ is a indie hip-hop artist, visionary, and emcee whose musical sights are set on merging his wide assortment of musical influences and loves into one powerhouse performance. Nationally touring based in Florida. EyeQ has rocked stages all around the country. His "Attack on Titan" themed album "Walls of Maria" was endorsed by Funimation along with the makers of the "Attack on Titan" anime. ... more

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