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No Tears

They were takin our lives and that had no tears
They were taking our lives

My name is Erin Yeager and I'm 11 years old
live in the Shigan District
thats where my story unfolds
The year is 845 look over there where i live
behind the Walls of Maria thats where us common folk live

the human race is minuet we are almost extinct
a new creature was born an we were pushed to the brink
of our existence by no mere instance
theres a big threat to our lives trying to kill us
their called titans and they range from different sizes in height
but no matter their size humanities in their sites
an its not looking to good
cause titans see us as food.
But they don’t eat us to live
they kill us just cause they choose.
so as a last ditch effort to protect all our lives
we erected The walls to tall for titans to climb
50 meters in height look how it stands so high
An its our a sanctuary because it keeps them outside
I see it as our cage and it won't let us get out
Some think I’m out of my mind, cause they won’t open their eyes
I want to see and explore all of the world outside
I want to know what it's like to be free and alive.
Outside of these walls all the land that I see not a Titan In site not a human to eat.
Back to reality where we can't run an hide
this dream keeps haunting me
this dream is what we call life

so for a hundred years the titans
couldn't get in
they were locked out the space
that we have trapped ourselves in
Disgraced to live in these cages
These Cages that we call walls
With the walls of Maria went
A piece of my heart

When Her walls were breached people ran for their lives
several buildings were crushed
i saw the loss of much life
am i living my dream
I ran back to my home
i was shocked to find our house collapsed on my mom
No matter how hard we tried we could not get her out
She screamed to me
Erin Take Mikasa and run
the house had crushed her legs
no way that she could go on
I would not let her go
I would not leave her side
I was carried away
I could only yell stop
An they had no tears
I was helpless to watch
nothin that i could do
The Titan finished my mom
an they had no tears


released May 2, 2015
Produced by Slim Pknz


all rights reserved



EyeQ Orlando, Florida

EyeQ is a indie hip-hop artist, visionary, and emcee whose musical sights are set on merging his wide assortment of musical influences and loves into one powerhouse performance. Nationally touring based in Florida. EyeQ has rocked stages all around the country. His "Attack on Titan" themed album "Walls of Maria" was endorsed by Funimation along with the makers of the "Attack on Titan" anime. ... more

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